How to run ASP on Linux

As the ASP is very easy to use, many companies choose ASP to develop their IT solution on Windows 2000 Server + ASP + MSSQL. However, this idea also have its disadvantages.  And when your are going to transfer to linux, you will find big problems. There are two ways to transfer ASP to Linux. 1. […]

Top 3 Best Open Source PHP Scripts for Blog

There are many open source PHP Scripts platform for webmasters. Some of them have a huge community. But some are not properly maintained. You will never want to be disturbed for a website platform bug. How to choose a suitable platform for your business? Here, I’ll compare 3 best blogging platform.

How to Increase Online Business Revenue

Online business acts a crucial role nowadays. But many entrepreneur don’t know how to increase their online revenue. They keep invest big money into online advertisement. While their page views number grows,  they see no increase of their profit. So how to increase online revenue? I got some practical experience.

How to improve website performance

Most of you run a website to make money. Whatever your website is, a blog or a portfolio website, the website performance is essential to your success. How to improve your website performance? Here I’d like to suggest some solutions.



继09年丰田召回门之后,今日国外媒体再曝丰田召回事件,此次事件将波及全球约55万量汽车,涵盖Toyota和Lexus车型。由于设计问题,该批车辆可能存在无法转向的风险。丰田的报告称此类问题未接到人员伤亡事故报告,但此次召回事件再次暴露出丰田在整车安全性能上的状况令人堪忧。 此次召回的车型将包括283200辆Toyota品牌汽车及137000辆Lexus轿车。涵盖车型有04、05款凯美瑞、汉兰达、Sienna和Solara, 04款Avlon和06款汉兰达HV也包含在内,另外,丰田高

How to Properly Manage UPS

There are many ISP uses UPS to secure their power supply for their costly servers. But the UPS is very picky with environment and need to be carefully managed. Any incorrect maintainance will shorten UPS’s life or even cause UPS can not work. So properly management of UPS should be a daily work for ISP.

Free WordPress Theme SimpleBlue

Free Wordpress Theme SimpleBlue

Description: SimpleBlue is my first free widget supported Wordpress theme.  It’s simple but stylish. I used bold design on my color selection. A dark gray  background with a deep blur navigation bar makes SimpleBlue very bright-colored. I build 6 widget column for your convenience.  There are three in the sidebar. The main widget column is 300px wide and […]


不经意间已经毕业一年了,一年前,或许别人也是看着我们疯狂的聚会、旅游、拍照的吧。 一年过去,曾经的疯狂慢慢被现实淹没,周六就是工作一周年纪念日了,一起报到的同事有人说去玩,却没几个能到场,褪去学生时代的疯狂,我们更习惯于蜷缩在自己的角落,一个人静静的呆着。



How to Choose Server Plan for Online Business

With the highly developed Internet technology, it’s now easy for a company to sell its products to the whole world by set up a simple online business website. However, many entrepreneurs don’t know choose a suitable server planfor their online business. While the right web hosting plan plays a crucial role succeed on  e-business.  After reading this […]