How to Choose Server Plan for Online Business

With the highly developed Internet technology, it’s now easy for a company to sell its products to the whole world by set up a simple online business website. However, many entrepreneurs don’t know choose a suitable server planfor their online business.

While the right web hosting plan plays a crucial role succeed on  e-business.  After reading this post, you should gain a sense on how to choose the suitable server plan for your online business.

Shared Web Hosting: Shared Web Hosting plan means you share one server and one server OS with many other websites. Some of this plans offer a private for each user. The advantage for this plan is simply cheap. This hosting plan is not recommended for a online business website only if your budget strain or you are not ambitious and  just want to run a very small business.

VPS: VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. In this plan, the server is  distributed by software and each user use a private IP, Operation System, Database, CPS Sources and so on. This plan makes users use it like a private server. In my opinion, this plan is suit for most e-commerce websites if they are not

Dedicated Servers: It’s a solution offered by server manage company. Users rent a server from them and paid monthly. This plan is for those websites who need powerful hardware support. Monthly payment is also budget saving.

Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is so much like dedicated servers.  Customers can require a customized solution on manged hosting is the  difference. The payment period is also differ from dedicated servers.

Colocation: Some companies may purchased their server before. So the hosting provider many offer colocation plan. This plan is just for those who own a server prior to choosing a hosting provider.

Above all, different company need to choose different server plan in order to perform their websites excellent but budget saving.

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