Thousands Reasons Why I don’t Recommend Blackberry in China

Since this March, I used blackberry for 9 months. Except the first one or two months I like it very much, blackberry brings me many trouble. It didn’t perform as perfect as I once thought before I purchased blackberry 8830. Even the very recent days I think it a very particular problem. But my friend’s idea makes me believe it a common fact. So, I just want to share some bad experiences on Blackberry Cell Phone.


As for a business aimed brand, blackberry is popular with people in North American. Obama is also use BlackBerry 8830 as reported. But it seems not meet Chinese market’s requirements especially in individual field. The not cheap price plus weak functions makes it not a good choice for most people.

Note: All of my opinions given here based on my experiences  on using blackberry 8830. My cell phone is purchased at ebay and unlocked by myself.

1、Renewed, substandard produce, etc. makes blackberry not a good idea for new buyers

As balckberry don’t have any official shop in China, also with the weak cooperation with China Mobile,  blackberry is not accessible for any consumers. So some business man get them from some illegal ways or use some used or substandard produces to cheat consumers. The best idea is to ask a friend who knows much about blackberry to help you choose or you may find you being cheated by seller. Surely, choose those sellers with most positive feedbacks will lower your risk.

2. The very weak Chinese input method

I don’t know the real reason why  RIM can not offer a perfect Chinese supported OS as well as Chinese input method. After all, blackberry can not support Chinese well. Blackberry 8830 even don’t provide a Chinese OS. It directly cause I can’t use a default Chinese input method.

As I need SMS others, I tried to find a solution. I once used 8820 Chinese ROM installed in my 8830. It do works. But every time I use Desktop Manager to install any software, it will automatically reinstall a comparable 8830 English OS in my cell phone. Finally, I installed a Chinese input software to solve this problem. However, I get many work to do for just replying a Chinese SMS. This is how I can reply: forward a Chinse SMS -> Clear field->Open Chinese input software->Input Chinese words->Close Chinese input softwar->Paste content->Sent. You see this is a very complicated process. And I can only forward a Chinese SMS. If I forward a English or Number SMS, the receiver will just see some ‘?’ instead of each word.

3. Frequently shut down for no reason

During my experience of using blackberry 8830, it frequently shut down for no reason. Maybe it is caused by my unlocking strategy. But more likely is caused by a unstable operation system. My blackberry shut down almost once a day or more. And you don’t know the exact time when it will shut down. Maybe when you are making a call or maybe during night.

4. Bad hardware quality

I just prefer the navigation ball of blackberry. But it finally turn a uselessness. It can’t perform good after one or two months. And the paint on my cell fade after no more than 4 months.

5. OS and Software is not strong enough

The operation system for blackberry can never be perfect. It doesn’t support enough entertainment function. And the supported software is far fewer than Iphone or Android can support. So, if you want to buy a phone with rich entertainment functions, blackberry is not a good idea.

6. Unlock

As I use my blackberry in China, I need to unlock my blackberry in order to let it support a China Mobile SIM card. It takes me hard work to achieve it.  There are not so much information you can turn to on the Internet. So, make sure the blackberry is unlocked before you make a final decision.

All these reasons above makes me suggest you make a careful decision if you want to purchase a Blackberry Cell Phone for your next cell.

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