Frequently complained auto air conditioning compressor issues are compressor not work or noise. Customers’ description are always not so clearly. We need to dignose where is the root cause for customer complains. How to troubleshot compressor issues quickly?

Vehicle AC System

汽车空调压缩机常见问题主要是压缩机不工作和噪音,车主抱怨通常缺乏精确描述,故需要对抱怨案例进行初步排查确认问题根源。如何快速判断是空调压缩机出了问题?简单判断方法如下: 压缩机不工作 汽车空调压缩机不工作原因有压缩机抱死(咬死)、保险丝熔断、电路故障、制冷剂泄漏、 电池电量过低、控制保护等,客户通常抱怨空调不制冷,出热风,前仓冒烟,有烧焦味,发动机熄火等。 压缩机抱死可以造成开空调后前仓冒烟、出现烧焦

其实不怎么满意现在文内广告的位置,本来是想通过判断WP中的more标签位置插入广告的,奈何自己总是很懒,加上毕业设计的任务压在头上,也就作罢了,忽然想起WP的短代码功能似乎可以实现此功能,于是翻了翻WordPress Popular Posts的代码,找出了此段代码,这样就可以轻松在博客文章或者WordPress侧栏中任意位置添加Adsense广告了。 代码很简单,把以下的代码加入到主题的functions.php中: function showad() { return ‘<div class=”advertise”> //这里放你的

WordPress have different user roles. These roles let administrator manage blog contributors works better. Author role in WordPress can not see much information from the dashboard. Sometimes, we may want to see what we have published. At that time, we can uses the following code to let Author see their own posts list.

When we write article, we often uses some external links to extent our content. These links will help other websites build search engine weightiness. If you don’t want to help your competitors, you should add “nofollow” to these links. One idea is to add rel=”nofollow” on each links manually. But, it will be a tough task. […]

在计算机硬件中会用到很多缩写,CPU、GPU、RAID……这些缩写或许你已经很熟悉了,但说到TDP(Thermal Design Power)大部分的人不会清楚这是什么东西。TDP中文翻译为”散热设计功耗”,对于了解处理器的性能来说是个重要的参数,通常在CPU的宣传材料中不会包含这一参数,这也就是为什么会有大多数人不知道什么是TDP的原因了。

An optical comparator is a device that applies the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts. In a comparator, the magnified silhouette of a part is projected upon the screen, and the dimensions and geometry of the part are measured against prescribed limits.

As the ASP is very easy to use, many companies choose ASP to develop their IT solution on Windows 2000 Server + ASP + MSSQL. However, this idea also have its disadvantages.  And when your are going to transfer to linux, you will find big problems. There are two ways to transfer ASP to Linux. 1. […]

There are many open source PHP Scripts platform for webmasters. Some of them have a huge community. But some are not properly maintained. You will never want to be disturbed for a website platform bug. How to choose a suitable platform for your business? Here, I’ll compare 3 best blogging platform.

Online business acts a crucial role nowadays. But many entrepreneur don’t know how to increase their online revenue. They keep invest big money into online advertisement. While their page views number grows,  they see no increase of their profit. So how to increase online revenue? I got some practical experience.