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SimpleBlue is my first free widget supported Wordpress theme.  It’s simple but stylish. I used bold design on my color selection. A dark gray  background with a deep blur navigation bar makes SimpleBlue very bright-colored.

I build 6 widget column for your convenience.  There are three in the sidebar. The main widget column is 300px wide and two are narrow widget columns in apposition. Three footer sidebar for you to add widgets like ‘tag cloud’,  ‘Pages’ or others as you like.


SimpleBLue Preview

Theme Tags:

dark, light, white, black, gray, two-columns, right-sidebar, fixed-width, custom-menu, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, translation-ready

Supported Languages:

US English/en_US



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SimpleBlue 是我的第一款Wordpress免费主题。主题参考了许多优秀的主题,当然很难找到任何主题的影子。 SimpleBlue主题支持侧栏切可以自选三个位置的侧栏,分别是右侧上部300px款的侧栏、下部140px宽和160px宽的侧栏。



US English/en_US



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11 thoughts
  1. OK, I used theme it. Tanks for your share.

  2. @BABE: Thank you for your support. I can not open your website as it’s block by our government^_^

  3. Hi,
    I installed the SimpleBlue theme and activated it. The real version doesn’t look like the preview version. Instead of white background for the text, it defaults to the dark grey. There is no option within the theme for me to change the background colour setting. Please advise what to do. Thanks.

    Chiao Kee

  4. @Chiao Kee: Please retry. I just installed it on my demo site and it works perfect.
    By the way, which browser are you using?

  5. I’m using Firefox. I tried it again and the result is still the same.

  6. @张鹏:

    I’m using Firefox. I tried it again and the result is still the same.

  7. @Chiao Kee: I’ve sent a email directly to you and attached the theme. Please try again. Thanks

  8. 我很想知道你左侧的那个标签是怎么弄的。你的主题没有设置功能啊

  9. @jinxiao: 左侧标签是我自用主题独有功能,这个会根据每个人设计的不同导致不同效果,所以在大众化的主题中不太好实现

  10. Have you updated this to work with WordPress 3.6? I can’t add media files from the library, but I can drag and drop them from my hard drive.

    Thanks for any insight you can offer.

  11. How do I get to the widget to edit the archive and meta widgets that appear side by side in the right column? I’d like to re-add RSS feeds there but I can’t find where in the theme to access those widgets. Thank you

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