How to Properly Manage UPS

There are many ISP uses UPS to secure their power supply for their costly servers. But the UPS is very picky with environment and need to be carefully managed. Any incorrect maintainance will shorten UPS’s life or even cause UPS can not work. So properly management of UPS should be a daily work for ISP.

(1) Emphasis protection for those serve important data

It maybe not a good idea to equip all computers with UPS because of the high cost. But important servers should be always prior to others. You should yield the greatest returns on investment by protecting important data with UPS.

(2) Don’t continuously run under nominal power

It’s quite not a good idea to continuously run UPS under full capability. It may seems says your investment but it will actually shorten the service life of UPS. Don’t connect those unimportant computers to UPS. Always make sure save about 15% capability of each UPS.

(3) Use air switch for UPS

Don’t use knife switch for UPS. Knife switch will produce current peak which will affect UPS. Air switch can eliminate current peak and save UPM.

(4) Intelligent Manageability is needed.

UPS should notice manager when the power supply is down to help manager monitor servers real time. And UPS should offer remote control function.

(5) Don’t use inductive character load on UPS

Inductive load will produce oscillating current when power on and off. The oscillating current will damage UPS. When UPS occur too many oscillating current, it will die before its expecting service life. So please don’t connect air conditioning or fridge to UPS.

(6) Let storage battery work under proper environment

The lead-acid storage battery in UPS need to work under appropriate environment. Proper temperature will make battery works on its best. Try to maintain the ambient temperature about 20℃. Higher temperature will shorten battery’s life. And please don’t use different battery on one UPS.

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