Soil gas sampling is increasing in frequency across the country as vapor intrusion continues to gain regulatory attention. When evaluating the potential for vapor intrusion at a particular site, it is useful to collect soil gas samples to find out how vapors and contaminants of concern are migrating in the subsurface, and whether or not […]

Choosing whether to use head bolts or head studs in an automobile engine can be an important decision that affects the way a car runs. While they are both fasteners and ostensibly serve a similar function, there are a handful of differences that make studs and bolts distinct from one another.

PHP may be king of the web, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some stellar ASP .NET CMSes. As most website uses PHP, many host provider only focus on Linux hosting and gave up ASP business. This makes a good opportunity for those who want to start web hosting business. How to make money with […]

PHP has take over most of the market in the web. However, for some reasons, some company don’t want to turn their ASP website to PHP. For these people, I’d like to introduce 3 budget ASP content management systems. These CMSes can give you the functionality and the support your need to get the things done.

As the ASP is very easy to use, many companies choose ASP to develop their IT solution on Windows 2000 Server + ASP + MSSQL. However, this idea also have its disadvantages.  And when your are going to transfer to linux, you will find big problems. There are two ways to transfer ASP to Linux. 1. […]

By create a community, we are able to develop open source software faster. However, we need a powerful tools to help us manage the development process. A good solution should let all the members edit the code at the same time but not affect others. Here, I’d like to list 3 develop solutions.

With the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, it becomes more convenient for us to to talk to each other. As a result, some popular pastime mobile devices is no longer as popular as it once was. Since mobile phones and Internet access devices getting cheaper and signal getting better reception, we will see 2 mobile devices vanish […]

There are many open source PHP Scripts platform for webmasters. Some of them have a huge community. But some are not properly maintained. You will never want to be disturbed for a website platform bug. How to choose a suitable platform for your business? Here, I’ll compare 3 best blogging platform.

A pickup truck is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed). A sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a generic marketing term for a vehicle similar to a station wagon, but built on a light-truck chassis. When you are going to make a decision between pickup and SUV, questions come. With Truck Toppers, pickup is similar to a SUV. But is it exactly […]

Since the electric truck scales replaced most mechanical, we get more accurate weight information. This makes it effectively for manufactures to control material cost. However, the electric truck scale is, on some degree, weaker than mechanical scales. We should take properly management for the electric truck scale.