Electrical and electronic experiments

During our college class, we did many electrical and electronic experiments, but this term we have done two important experiments. The first one is to control electric motor, the other is make a radio. I once mentioned them summer holiday. Now, I will remember the two experiment with pictures.

Since my thermoelectric experiment is not a necessary for any class but just I applyed it, this two experiment are required by electrical and electronic classs.

electric motor control experiment

electric motor control
electric motor control experiment

electric motor control circuit diagram

This experiment, we try to control the motor to run intermittent,continuous and its self-locking circuit, and we also control the motor cycle the opposite directions. We spent one week hard time on this experiment. For we were having class that days, we just use spare time to do this experiment. One day, I remembered, we went out to class at 8:00am and got back at 10:00pm, and just have one hour have lunch and one hour have dinner.www.zhangpeng.info

In this experiment, we deal with three-phase AC which voltage reach 380V. The major equipment are two relay ( the two big box in figure two) and an over-current protection device (to prevent burn motor when current is too large)

make radio

raido circuit diagram
the radio,the left side show radio circuit,speakers and power supply located right

Radio welding, installation and test experiment was performed at the time close to final examination. When we had finished all of our class, we have more time to do our best. But it seems easy, for he welded all electronic component in one day and got a perfect evaluating from his teacher.

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