Thermoelectric Experiment

We are now doing a research on thermoelectric. Yesterday, I stayed at lab for a whole day except having lunch. We have done many experiments on the thermoelectric generator. I’l like to share some picture with you also to encourage myself.

Thermoelectric generation based on theory ofseececk effect.

First, have a full view about our test system:

thermoelectic test system

This system include referigeration system, heating module, temperature test and print-out instruments and some electrocircuits.

The small cycle in this picture show a multimeter, cost about RMB 3000. The big one show you a Agilent displaying meter, it’s used to gather electric current, voltage, temperature, etc. Also this Agilent instrument ‘s price is as high as RMB 60000. Also there is 8 thermalcouples cost about RMB 1000, referigeration system cost about RMB 4000. So you see, this experiment is expensive. However, all this cost are pay by our

The second picture will show you the thermoelectric generator.

thermalelectic generator

This figure show three thermoelectric generators. TEPI represent thermoelectric generator. TECI represent thermoelectric refrigerating unit. Difference between these two equipment is just their usage. While TEPI is aimed at generate power, and TECI is used to cool small rooms. But when you change them use, such as like us, the two can output electic circuit.

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