Ammonia Refrigeration System Introduce

Single-stage Ammonia Refrigeration Cycle

Single-stage refrigerator is a wide used refrigerator. It can be applied to produce ice, used as air conditioning, used for food refrigeration and industrial processes and so on.  Single-stage refrigeration cycle is the refrigerant in the refrigeration system process to have four stage which are compressed, condensation, throttling, and evaporation.  It will complete the cycle of single-stage cryocooler, which reached a cooling purposes.

The single stage refrigeration system consist of evaporator, single-stage compressor, oil separator, condenser, ammonia storage device, ammonia liquid separation, the throttle valve, and other ancillary equipment and other components, with each other through the pipe connection into a closed system.

Where the evaporator is cold transport equipment, liquid refrigerant evaporates absorbing the heat to achieve the object being cooled refrigeration; compressor is the heart of the system, play a role for suction, compression, transmission of refrigerant vapor; oil separator for deposition separation of the oil in the compressed refrigerant vapor; condenser condensing the compressor discharge refrigerant vapor to become saturated;ammonia storage device is used to store ammonia refrigerant condenser into the condensate liquid ammonia, adjusting between the condenser and evaporator liquid ammonia refrigerant supply and demand; ammonia liquid gravity separator is an important ancillary equipment for liquid ammonia system; throttle plays the role of throttle refrigerant and decrease pressure, meanwhile, it regulate the refrigerant liquid flow into the evaporator, and divide the system into high side and low side parts.

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Two expanders ammonia Refrigeration Cycle

Two expanders ammonia Refrigeration Cycle or two-stage ammonia Refrigeration Cycle  is developed on the basis of single-stage refrigeration cycle. It’s compression process can be divided into two stage. The low-pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator firstly goes into a low-pressure compression cylinder and compressed to middle-class pressure, and then enter into high-pressure cylinder for second compression after cooling down by a intermediate cooler, then enter into condenser at the condensing pressure. General evaporating temperature between -25 ℃ ~ -50 ℃ should use two-stage compressor for cooling.

Two-stage ammonia Refrigeration system include evaporator, two-stage compressor, oil separator, condenser, intercooler, ammonia storage device, ammonia liquid separation, the throttle valve, and other ancillary equipment and other components, with each other through the pipe connection into a closed system .

Among them, the intermediate cooler refrigerant uses a small amount of liquid refrigerant vaporization under middle pressure to absorb heat, the low-level discharged superheated steam are cooled to reduce high-level suction temperature, also high-pressure liquid refrigerant be cooled.

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