Why should CN block popular websites

You may think it unbelievable if one day one of you friend tell you that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube is blocked in your country. But it is exactly the truth in China. We can not access these most popular websites around the world. I feel some angry as I can like some of blocked websites such as Google Docs, Blogger, Youtube, etc.

I don’t know exactly why our government block these popular websites. There is even a risk that if you search some particular keywords you will can not open Google for few minutes.

I can just guess there is two reason. First is that these websites is so popular and attract so many people, between whom there will be some guys publish some things not good to the government. The second reason is that some local Internet company don’t want to be beaten by others.

But, from my side, as I’m a advanced Internet user, block these site push me more interested in these sites and not willing to use the local websites which offer the similar services. However, it make things inconvenient. So, I just hope one day, we can access the “whole free” Internet without VPN , SSL or proxy tools like  Tor.

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