Changed web hosting service

This blog has been running for less than three months . During this three months , I changed my web hosting for four times.

When I start this personal blog , I chose byteact to set up my blog for free  . For worry about losing data , I changed my web hosting to Godaddy free hosting plan soon . After some day , I begged wulinfo for a godaddy paid web hosting . About a couple days ago , I encountered Dreamhost super coupon 777 and paid for a year hosting plan . So , my blog will host on dreamhost for at least a year .

Connecting to my own blog is very slow in China . But now , I can link my blog fast .

It costed me $9.24 . All this dallor comes from some email survey I had joined in long time ago . You know , I should pay a $39 fee to recieve my money from paypal in China . But my money in paypal just reached $33  , so I choose to spend it online . So when I encountered the dreamhost supper coupon 777 , I decided to purchase it at once . In normal situation , you should pay $119.4 . And other coupon can just off to $22.4 . 777 let you pay for just 8% of nomal price . Can anyone reject such a temptation ?

However , price off is only for new user . It’s to say I have to spend $119.4 the next year if I want to host my blog on Dreamhost . Thus , I hope you can click on the ads suplied by google .

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