5 Tips for Making a Good WordPress Theme

Some people find it hard to make a good blog theme. But there are some common points a good theme have. Follow these 5 tips and you will make a perfect blog theme.

Make as whole theme

A theme contains much IDs. The id couldn’t appear twice protocol don’t allow it.  Make wp theme as a whole let you make less mistake.

Separate theme into models

This is a good way to let your theme have a great structure. For example, WP define a theme into Header, Siderbar, Footer and so on. And models can let you write codes more efficiency.

Optimize codes

Use less code. You can combine same CSS properties. For example, define a left tag like .left { float:left;} and use it when you need let a DIV float left.

Check compatibility

A site with error codes will never be trusted by users especially those webmasters. You may need to make your theme fit W3C standards. And make sure all data look correct. Another thing you should always make sure is that your theme should be compatible in different browsers. These days, mobile browsers are as important as those on PCs.


Many wordpress users do not just write blog for themselves. So the may think of traffics when choosing a wp theme. Put entry title front of blog title. Your title looks in search engines should be this format: post title + blog title. Add meta tag. Add keywords and description in your header tag. The third tip is to think about how to use <H> tag.

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