Is flowing water hoter than water in a container ?

Sometime, especially in winter, we find the temperature of flowing water is higher than the water in a container. You may notice the phenomenon like this, when you washing your hair, you think the temperature of flowing water is just perfect. But you then find it too cold after you had wetted your hair. So […]

New type of thermocouple

New type of thermocouple

Thermocouple is a thermograph which uses Seebeck effect to measure the temperature. When two different metal make up a surround, the temperature difference between two combining site will cause electric current . So we use measure this electic current and then canculate the temperature. This is just a simple example of thermocouple:



热电偶是一种基于塞贝克效应的测温仪器.当两种不同的金属组成回路时,若两金属结合点温度不同,回路中将产生电流.据电流大小来测温.以下就是其原理图: 其中1点和2点温度不同便会产生电流,基于此制作出热电偶.

Free domain

I recommended a free service from Google last day.(It is for Chinese only.) Now I’d liketo advise you a free domain What is domain? Domain is the address of an website . Just like my domain


前天才给大家送了个可以赚钱的免费网盘,再加上之前送出的免费天气预报,看来我这里都成免费赠品集散地了.今天,再给大家推荐一个免费的域名服务提供商 域名是什么?域名就是网址,你在地址栏中输入的东西.


相信网盘各位是很熟悉的了,免费的网盘也是满天飞的,不过你有没有听说过一个免费网盘还可以为你提供额外网上赚钱的好事呢? 相信听过的朋友还是比较少的,那么就让我在这里为大家介绍一下这款可以免费赚钱的网盘——豆丁网。


最近在筹划着把Zblog转移到 wordpress 系统,主要原因是空间的问题,以后可能就只用Dreamhost的PHP空间了,所以提前把博客也转移到Wordpress平台,免得到时候比较忙弄得手忙脚乱。说无缝转移主要是URL结构保持不变和Tag不变 网上搜索z-blog平滑转移到 WordPress平台的方法有很多,应该来说基本都是那么几个版本了,当然我没有具体去了解很多,就我看到的都是比较古老的了,不过Neeke提供了一个最新版本的转移到wordpress的方法,在文中也提及了一些SQL语句

Another weekends

Time flys . It’s weekend now . Let’s review my life in this week . Our group finished an PPT on Monday , which you see at Brief introduction about desiccant system . Stay at lab for a whole afternoon on Friday ,  just learn how to use a new cooling system . While most […]