Another weekends

Time flys . It’s weekend now . Let’s review my life in this week .

Our group finished an PPT on Monday , which you see at Brief introduction about desiccant system .

Stay at lab for a whole afternoon on Friday ,  just learn how to use a new cooling system . While most time , we just learn how to use the xmt60x operating instrument .

I just waste my Tuesday morning and my Wednesday afternoon on sleeping .

But this week , I change my second website’s theme .

Today is  Saturday , I’ll go to my uncle’s house as usual . This weekends , I should finish my heat transfer homework . Though my teacher request me hand in my homework on next week , it’s better to finish on this weekend , so I’ll have enough time to prove my homework . You see , this homework have great effort on this term’s score .

It’s sunny today . I’d like to play outside . But I have no time . What’s more , I have no idea where to go .

So , let it be an ordinary weekend .

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