Recent life

These couple days, I got a complete relaxation. Every night, I play basketball myself. There is a long time from the last time I played basketball. It’s amazing that I can play hours but never feel tired.

The greatest found is that I can go outside for hours but not surfing the internet. When I got a notebook last year, most of  my parttime are playing computers. Sometime, I would want to do some excersises, but there is no one willing to play with me because they all don’t like basketball and I don’t want to play with myself. I also like billiards, but it’s too expensive for me. I don’t know why our school couldn’t offer us free chance playing billiards.

While I don’t like play alone, these days I just play myself. Maybe it’s because all senior students has graduated and ibecome the future senior student  give me the confidence. Of course, I also know I should do more excersises. When there is no PE since last year, I haven’t do any excersises.

Yesterday I passed ATA tests and finished a test report. The next days will stay at lab.

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