How can you win a interview

This night one of underclassman asked me some questions about how to get GM’s offer. You know, I’m a GM’s engineer, I gave him some advices on how to behavior on interview meeting.

Surely, as knowledge always comes first. If you need to find a good job, you need to study hard in order to acquire as much knowledge related to your future work as you can.

Second, attitude act as another key point. When there are two people competing one position, that is always the person with enthusiasm and hard working won. A people who willing to learn from work is much better than those who don’t.

Third, self confidence is a  key element to success. Don’t ashamed to make mistake. Be honest and confidential. I just know one of my colleague get his offer even he describe his opinion in Chinese when his interviewer asked him to answer with English. His courage let him won.

Fourth, good resume can win much attention. Before you go to career fair, make sure you have a good resume. If you don’t know how to write a good resume, you can find extended essay writing services to help you.

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