Summer holiday

This post titled ” Summer Holiday” for I had passed my final exam this morning. It’s to say, I’m now going to enjoy my holidays.

I can’t feel relaxed, though all exam finished. The first reason, also the most important reason, is that I did not do well in my last exam. The second reason is that I can not enjoy my holiday immediately. I have to work for few days to finish my work.

It’s not clearly when we move to new dormitary. But it will be soon. I get too many baggages. The day after tomorrow I hve to take another exam hold by ATA. I hope I can get a good result because it will influence my whole holiday. If I can’t do well in this exam, maybe I should stay home for my summer. And there is a homework which can affect my final exam this term I should hand in  the day after

While, there are some news encouraged me. I got surprising high score in three exams. Even if I get very low score in my last lesson, I can get a scholarship. In any case, I believe I can pass the last exam.

When passed CET-6 ( College  English Exam ) we will go to Zhengzhou do some intern work. Before that, I need finish my research and complete my thesis. Another task is to complete a website about thermal test which needed by my college. I have the confidence to complete it during these days, after all, I have learning design website for years.

It seems I haven’t prepared enjoying my holiday and I feel flustered. However, all things except studying at class and take exam can make me excited.

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