How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Have you ever deleted files on Mac OS X and then want to recover it? This is a common problem among Macintosh users. It will be some complex if you cleared recycle bin. Some users may have a good habit to back up their files regularly. To recover from the backup data is a simple idea. However, most of users don’t back up files regularly. So how can we recover these deleted files on Mac?

First, please avoid to do any file saving & editing actions on your Mac. It will cover your deleted files. If you covered theme with a new data, you will lose them forever. If you didn’t do anything after deleted these files, you should be able to recover them by recovery software.

Disk Drill is one of the free  software for recover deleted files mac. Run your Disk Drill and select the drive to be scanned. Then you will find the deleted files after deep scan. Select it and recover it.

Disk Warrior is another software for file recovery. After selected disk, you can click “Rebuild” button. It will scan your disk. You can then “Restore” its search results.

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