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I’m a student from China major at thermal energy and power engineering. After a hard time of looking for job, I finally get a ideal job. Here, I want to share my resume template to help students who are wonder how to create a great resume. You should always remember that a good resume do nothing if you hadn’t improved yourself for working.

Let’s go to the detail: (I dropped the head of my resume for avoid spam to my email account)


2006/9 –Present Central South University, Bachelor
Thermal energy and power engineering, GPA: 3.26

• Three third-class scholarship

• Excellent League member

• CET-6, NCRE 3, SYB (Start Your Business) certificate

Project experience:

2008/5–Present National experimental research project
Project ID:081053386, Master

•Came up with the idea, got ¥7000 as experiment funds

•Frequently read English documents for latest knowledge

•Published a thesis “Analysis for the Feasibility of Semiconductor Thermoelectric Generator Used in Industrial Surplus Heat Recovery

Practical Experience:

2009/6—2009/7 Aluminum Group of China branch in Henan, Intern

•Known basic knowledge of manufactory

•Reviewed the principle of automatic control

2008/8—2008/9 Zhu zhou smelting plant, Intern

•Recognized facilities which used in automation.   www.zhangpeng.info

2008/9—2009/6 League Secretary

•Led activities related with the Communist Youth League

•Our class was negotiate nominated as “wusi outstanding Youth League branch”

2006/9—2007/6 Diplomacy Department, Students Union, minister

•Successfully earned four support funds

Self Identification:

•Good communication skill

•Willing to work with others

Othersnterests & Skills:

IT skills
•Advanced at AutoCAD

•Basic understand of Ansys

• Skillful MS Office


•Like playing basketball and once joined in basketball game hold by my college twice

•Usually listen to music, reading and watch films

• Indulge in web design and run personal weblog: https://www.zhangpeng.info

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  1. 英文翻译吗?

  2. @宠物连连看:呃?什么意思?差不多是把中文简历给翻译了一遍而已

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