New SEO Thinking: online reputation management

Have you ever think your SEO working is nonsense if there are too much critical reviews ranking highly on the results page? It will have a extremely bad result if there are any negative posts or feedbacks associated to your brand in the top 10 results in the search engine results pages. You would need to take action, but what?

Why online reputation is important?

The SEM is not just ranking your website highly, but it also means to manage your online reputation.

No one will believe in a company when everybody is criticize them. So the top 10 result, associated to your name or company, in search engine results pages becomes more significant.

It takes a long time to build positive reputation and image for a business. This means a good reputation always means the company have focused on their business for a long time. And this makes customers more likely to purchase your products or services.

How to build positive online reputation for your business?

It’s not easy to build a positive reputation in a limited time. But it takes continuous hard working.

You need to think over  many sections. The reviews exist on Social Network, Product Review site or blogs, etc. The first idea is to contact the authors who pointed critical reviews and ask them to remove those comments. But it always not make sense especially when these opinion is made by your competitors. The second idea is to push those negative feedbacks down the search results pages so that they are virtually inaccessible to the internet users. Then, you need to build more positive reviews and try to rank them highly in the search engine result page if possible.

Except for these solutions, try paid Reputation Management Services is a much easier and quicker idea. They will do anything your  need to build positive reputation. They are always a team, who are skilled and experienced on reputation management. By increasing Social Media Exposure, creating positive essays online, building wiki & sister sites,  they will ensure a good reputation for your website during a few time. This is also the best idea if you find your online reputation have been seriously damaged.

Don’t let your reputation damaged by unscrupulous competitors by posting false comments and feedback. Take action to stop it and you will win the battle.

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