How to watch video on iPod or iPhone

Most iPod or iPhone users know that they can watch videos on this devices. But some you may feel confused when some online video can not be shown. This is because the iPod or iPhone just support some given video format. How to watch any video on iPod or iPhone?

This post is written to tell you using movie converter to turn any videos or movies to the format which you Apple devices can support.

1. The first step is exactly the same: copy the video to your computer.  If you are going to use a DVD movies, please copy the DVD file to your computer hard disk.

2. Convert the video into MP4 file. The MP4 file is the only format which your iPod or iPhone can play. The MP4 file also have different encoding. Please select the H.264 encoding.

You can try the video to iPod converter for Mac. This software will automatically convert the video file into the format which is most suitable for your iPod or iPhone.

3. After convert the video, the next step is to copy it to your iPod / iPhone. It’s very easy. You can use iTunes to do this. Connect your iPhone / iPod to you PC. Then open iTunes. Find video files by iTunes and then deliver them to you Apple device.

After all these simple steps, you are able to watch any video or films on you iPod / iPhone.

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