How to Make Money with ASP Reseller Web Hosting

PHP may be king of the web, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some stellar ASP .NET CMSes. As most website uses PHP, many host provider only focus on Linux hosting and gave up ASP business. This makes a good opportunity for those who want to start web hosting business. How to make money with ASP reseller web hosting?

You can make your success reseller business by dedication and sound marketing strategies. Here are simple steps that will help you to get and also run your business efficiently done.

1. Find Reputable Hosting Company

The basic for success will be the great service you will provide. For resellers, you should carefully choose a high quality ASP web hosting provider where your web hosting account. This is not only to the company reputation as well-known and reliable, but also can provide a very important feature for the success of your business.

2. Set up your Reseller Account

Many hosting provider offers reseller plans. With everything that has been in place, set up your own reseller account is usually a simple process. Do your research on these hosting provider and know their money back guarantee before you register.

3. Create your own hosting

Once you purchase a reseller account, you should get a full control panel which will allow you divide your hosting packages, determine their own prices, suspend or remove an existing customer accounts and management tasks related other. Hostgator provides free whmcs to help you manage your hosting.

4. Aggressively promote your business

There is no other way you can make your business success without aggressively promotion in nowadays web hosting market. It is wise to create a website specifically designed to promote your hosting plan and also take necessary tools to promote your business with social network or email, etc.

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