A customer service revolution

The traditional customer services includes phone, email or online IM. But the social network makes customer services more complicated. More customer service channel means more human resource investment. It may not be a problem to a giant company, but it’s really a big burden for some small business especially startups.

However, customers are becoming captious. This makes many inefficient customer services can’t meet customer requirements.

But we have see a new customer service revolution now. Some Remote Help Desk companies are going to offer integrated customer service. They are going to integrate phones, emails, IMs to one system. This will help their users a easy way to serve their customers. To check all customers’ feedback in one page is much easier than check them in email, social network and IM. In this way, help desk becomes more efficient.

The CRM company Salesforce released their new customer service platform desk.com few days ago. This is a big revolution of the online customer service.

CEO Andy Dunn believe:

desk.com is subversive. There was no company can provide a so excellent services.

The new platform can be run on web, iOS, Android or BlackBerry. And they also provides HTML5 webpage in order to let their customers use it on smartphones.

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