3 Budget ASP Content Management Systems

PHP has take over most of the market in the web. However, for some reasons, some company don’t want to turn their ASP website to PHP. For these people, I’d like to introduce 3 budget ASP content management systems. These CMSes can give you the functionality and the support your need to get the things done.

1. DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is the most well known and popular ASP .NET CMS. It has multiple versions which allow for the flexibility to accommodate a beginning web developer, a small to medium sized business, or even a large enterprise. Premium DotNetNuke edition charges. But the DotNetNuke Community Edition is offered under the BSD License. There are many add-ons in their community. It should be your first choice if you want to use a ASp CMS.

2. Umbraco

Umbraco was first released in 2004 but it took a little while for it to gain traction.  This is an open source project. You are easy to get rich templates due to the open templating system. In 2009, CMS Wire dubbed Umbraco as one of the best open-source .NET CMS options available. If you know how to customize your CMS, the Umbraco should be a good choice.

3. Orchard

Provided under the New BSD License, Orchard CMS is Microsoft’s hand in the open source world. The Orchard Project is based on a community, backed by full-time developers from Microsoft, that develop components and scripts that are open tools for developers to create applications, and their primary focus at the time is Orchard CMS. With the support from Microsoft, this is a reliable CMS for any website.

You can easily find windows web hosting provider for these 3 ASP scripts. These make you never need to worry about transfer your website to outside server when your company don’t want to run a dedicated server any more.

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  1. Umbraco is the finest option you can consider for ASP CMS.

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