When searching for a good music festival, it is tempting to buy a ticket based on the performers alone. While the musical selection is definitely important, it is not the only thing that can impact your experience at a music festival.

As I have told you in my last post, there are no clear criteria for choosing a best piano. The best idea is the one meet your requirement and cost less. But, as you always listen to a piano for a long time, make sure the piano get great performance is also very important. Before you […]

We always want to find the best piano. The question is: what makes a piano great? Some people say it’s the country where it’s made (United States and Germany representing the best ones). But instruments from the same manufacturer differ from year to year, and within a given year! And it even make a difference in […]

Piano tuning is not so familiar to many parents who are asking their children learning piano. But to keep your piano tuned frequently is very important for you children to lean piano better and it will also extend your piano’s life. Once your piano is tuned, it helps prevent critical problems to the instrument.

What does a person need to become a pianist? Having an instrument on which to develop your skills and share your music is a must. But it doesn’t the all you need. Most everything else that allows a person to become a pianist is intrinsic. These are values that come from inside a person. The desire […]