Fukushima nuclear power plant nuclear leak have raised a serious concerns all over the world. U.S. East Coast 5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred on Tuesday also affected 12 nuclear power plants. Quake raises safety concerns as one nuclear plant shut.

During the past 2 or 3 years, there are many food safety problems in China published on mainstream media. Even some of famous food companies involved in these events. They former “lithiasis baby” caused by Sanlu powder is the most serious food problem which caused more than thousands of babies fall ill of lithiasis.


It seems cool to have a iPhone. But, as there are so many iPhone users, your iPhone becomes trivial. The same shape, the same color and the same ringtone. So boring. Why not decorate it with your private idea? Many people choose colorful paster or shell to make thir iPhone outstanding. But I think there […]

June 7, 2011 WWDC was held at  San Francisco. Steve Jobs attended this meeting and given a great speech.  Apple released Mac OX Lion and iOS5 on this meeting. iCloud service is firstly displayed here. Though there are many hearsay, the former expected iPhone5 product is not released.  However, researchers think iPhone5 will be released with the iOS5.

Since this March, I used blackberry for 9 months. Except the first one or two months I like it very much, blackberry brings me many trouble. It didn’t perform as perfect as I once thought before I purchased blackberry 8830. Even the very recent days I think it a very particular problem. But my friend’s […]


——世博会汽车馆EN-V车支持工作总结 从八月底进入世博园上汽集团通用汽车馆做EN-V车支持工作已经两个多月了,世博会也走到了终点,两个月的时间,感悟了许多。