Online business acts a crucial role nowadays. But many entrepreneur don’t know how to increase their online revenue. They keep invest big money into online advertisement. While their page views number grows,  they see no increase of their profit. So how to increase online revenue? I got some practical experience.

The traditional customer services includes phone, email or online IM. But the social network makes customer services more complicated. More customer service channel means more human resource investment. It may not be a problem to a giant company, but it’s really a big burden for some small business especially startups.

Some of you may have heard about personal knowledge management (PKM) software helped some people get thing down. It’s the truth that a PKM idea may let you finish tasks efficiently. But have you ever think to adopt a management system to help boosting your business?

I have planned many times to bring out my idea and launch my own business online. But, unfortunately, I never act as what I planned. So, until today, I have never run my own business. But today, I determined to carry out my idea and make it come true. I carry much burden as I […]

Twitter是外国一个知名的网站,twitter是微博客的代表,是全球最火爆的微博客,实际的形式有点类似现在校内网的状态回复功能。 Twitter用户允许用户发送不超过140个字符的短信息,这也就是为什么twitter叫微博客的原因了。你的好友可以在首页看到你的更新,并就你发送的最新消息发表评论,这点被校内网抄袭到状态回复功能,现在也成为校内网最为活跃的功能之一,可见twitter的魅力所在了。