Online business acts a crucial role nowadays. But many entrepreneur don’t know how to increase their online revenue. They keep invest big money into online advertisement. While their page views number grows,  they see no increase of their profit. So how to increase online revenue? I got some practical experience.

Most iPod or iPhone users know that they can watch videos on this devices. But some you may feel confused when some online video can not be shown. This is because the iPod or iPhone just support some given video format. How to watch any video on iPod or iPhone?

I am going to do a lot of moving over the next years, as my company has recently acquired contracts all over the country. My company has agreed to ship my car between cities for me instead of making me drive it all over the place. I want to find a GOOD and RELIABLE auto […]

Have you ever think your SEO working is nonsense if there are too much critical reviews ranking highly on the results page? It will have a extremely bad result if there are any negative posts or feedbacks associated to your brand in the top 10 results in the search engine results pages. You would need to take action, but what?

The traditional customer services includes phone, email or online IM. But the social network makes customer services more complicated. More customer service channel means more human resource investment. It may not be a problem to a giant company, but it’s really a big burden for some small business especially startups.

Most of you run a website to make money. Whatever your website is, a blog or a portfolio website, the website performance is essential to your success. How to improve your website performance? Here I’d like to suggest some solutions.


There are many ISP uses UPS to secure their power supply for their costly servers. But the UPS is very picky with environment and need to be carefully managed. Any incorrect maintainance will shorten UPS’s life or even cause UPS can not work. So properly management of UPS should be a daily work for ISP.

I’m not a weak child who often feel depressed or tired. But these days, something really make me depressed. Not only for work, but also some thing about my daily life. How could us saying: making the world’s best vehicles but use just a bunch of junk component on them? Cost down causes quality down. […]

Nowadays, we are easy to get an IT supplier for our company. Yeah, it’s a easy and cheap solution for those companies which don’t have much experience or budget on their IT plans. It let entrepreneurs free their mind on take responsibility on trifles about their computers, websites or financial systems. But do you really know what it support […]