There are many ISP uses UPS to secure their power supply for their costly servers. But the UPS is very picky with environment and need to be carefully managed. Any incorrect maintainance will shorten UPS’s life or even cause UPS can not work. So properly management of UPS should be a daily work for ISP.

All my works has been transferred to OX Theme Description: SimpleBlue is my first free widget supported Wordpress theme.  It’s simple but stylish. I used bold design on my color selection. A dark gray  background with a deep blur navigation bar makes SimpleBlue very bright-colored. I build 6 widget column for your convenience.  There are three in the sidebar. […]

Have you ever deleted files on Mac OS X and then want to recover it? This is a common problem among Macintosh users. It will be some complex if you cleared recycle bin. Some users may have a good habit to back up their files regularly. To recover from the backup data is a simple idea. […]

不经意间已经毕业一年了,一年前,或许别人也是看着我们疯狂的聚会、旅游、拍照的吧。 一年过去,曾经的疯狂慢慢被现实淹没,周六就是工作一周年纪念日了,一起报到的同事有人说去玩,却没几个能到场,褪去学生时代的疯狂,我们更习惯于蜷缩在自己的角落,一个人静静的呆着。


With the highly developed Internet technology, it’s now easy for a company to sell its products to the whole world by set up a simple online business website. However, many entrepreneurs don’t know choose a suitable server planfor their online business. While the right web hosting plan plays a crucial role succeed on  e-business.  After reading this […]

Since this March, I used blackberry for 9 months. Except the first one or two months I like it very much, blackberry brings me many trouble. It didn’t perform as perfect as I once thought before I purchased blackberry 8830. Even the very recent days I think it a very particular problem. But my friend’s […]


通用”GM”是美国通用汽车公司名称的缩写,取自通用汽车公司(General Motor Corporation)英文全称的前两个单词的第一个大写字母。各车型商标都采用了公司下属分部的标志。 1902年报9月16日,威廉·杜兰特分明建了早期的通用汽车公司,总部设在美国的密执安州底特律城。后经威廉·杜特兰的几番努力,先后联合或兼并了别克、凯迪莱克、雪佛莱、奥兹莫比尔、奥克兰、旁蒂克、休斯和EDS电脑等公司,成立了美国通用汽车公司,使原来的各小汽