Why not design your customized iPhone shell?

It seems cool to have a iPhone. But, as there are so many iPhone users, your iPhone becomes trivial. The same shape, the same color and the same ringtone. So boring. Why not decorate it with your private idea?

Many people choose colorful paster or shell to make thir iPhone outstanding. But I think there is another way to have a good look with just some silicone liquid.

Silicone is very like plastic. Translucent silicone can make glasses. It’s a industry metering always used in factories. Factoris use mixing nozzle to design its shape.

My idea is to use translucent silicone make a customized iPhone shell for your self. We can put it into a disigned pattern and it will become a beautiful iPhone shell.

Like to make a jelly, we just need a pattern and some silicone liquid. You can design your pattern by using thick paper and some glue. Use any of your design ideas on it.

Put some dye into silicone liquid will make it looks more interesting. But you should use some liquid metering to confirm the amount in order to make a good look out. Put different color liquid into different area of your shell then you will see a color full shell.

Your unique idea will makes your shell unique and pretty. Any of purchased colorful shell will fade in front of yours.

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