What to Look for Before you Buy a Piano

As I have told you in my last post, there are no clear criteria for choosing a best piano. The best idea is the one meet your requirement and cost less. But, as you always listen to a piano for a long time, make sure the piano get great performance is also very important. Before you make a decision, here are some aspects you should think over.

Which type Of Piano Is For You?

There are two kinds of pianos: Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos.  Other than shape, size and cost difference, the most important aspect is the action of the piano. In grands, the strings are held horizontally and hammer hits the string from below and drops right back. This means the movement of the hammer is in the same direction as the gravity. This allows faster repetition and better tone and expression control. In Upright Pianos, the strings are held vertically and the hammers hit the strings from the side. So, the hammer movement is across the gravity. Therefore, in general, Upright Pianos produce slower repetitive notes

What will you get except the piano itself?

Some additional services will help you save much more. For example, some piano dealer with a written 1 year “trade-up policy”, you might be better off purchasing there!  Some piano showrooms will even offer piano lessons in their showroom itself. Some have monthly piano concerts, with cheese and crackers and other snacks. Attending is a great idea; it is free, an evening or afternoon out, and a way to actually hear how the piano sounds.

How much do you willing to pay?

You will be listening to, and looking at, your piano for a long time. Though a acoustic piano, they are always more expesive than a digital piano, I still recommend you to purchase a acoustic piano. And pianos depreciate very little. A used piano built 10 years ago and maintained well will cost almost as much as a comparable new piano.

Buy a piano made by a reputable company with a good production volume, and make sure they offer a manufacturer-backed warranty. You can go to some showrooms to find different pianos.

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