What do you need for becoming a pianist

What does a person need to become a pianist? Having an instrument on which to develop your skills and share your music is a must. But it doesn’t the all you need. Most everything else that allows a person to become a pianist is intrinsic. These are values that come from inside a person. The desire and passion is the basic, but what else is necessary?

The first thing is that you need full passion about playing piano. Being a pianist is lonely. There is no easy way to play it well. It requires plenty training & practice. Most time, you will need to repeat one music. This is a boring thing if you don’t really like it. The more powerful the drive or need to fulfill the dream the more quickly one is successful in learning to play the piano.

The second feature is ability. It is the capacity to do something or perform successfully. The question is whether playing the piano is a particular talent or acquired skill that you are ready to pursue. Developing eye hand coordination, learning the language of music, and translating that language into sound involved details too numerous to count.

The third is education. Education means you get the basic knowledge about how to actually play the piano. Though it won’t make any difference to a concert career,  you need to remind yourself about the order of learning. Before you are able read a book, you learn how to recognize the letters. Qualifications help to get jobs. In order to get these knowledge, having a method to study and a teacher to guide you are very important.

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