Weekend Life

Since I moved to my new rented  house two weeks before, I had never got a day off to decorate my new house. However, I don’t like the fitment style of this house. Today, I finally got opportunity to decorate. So I go to IKEA to find some new idea.

As I’m interested in England lifestyle, I purchased some  england style furniture today. I’m very satisfied with these furniture and want to show you my passion now.

The first one I bought is a white wooden dining table. I think this will make me happy when I’m having dinner.  I believe it will make me get more appetite in this extreme hot summer. These few days, I had now desire to eat any thing as the temperature is too high and I don’t want to cook anything. Maybe this new dining table will change something.


Then I bought two White chest of drawers. The one I want to put in my bedroom. I can use it store my daily clothes. I can see the scene that I’m happy with a white drawer on the morning. It will makes my life more interesting. I will put the other one in my kitchen to store kitchen wares.


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