Top 5 Piano Brands

We always want to find the best piano. The question is: what makes a piano great? Some people say it’s the country where it’s made (United States and Germany representing the best ones). But instruments from the same manufacturer differ from year to year, and within a given year! And it even make a difference in which factory the instrument was made.

Here is a list of top 5 best piano brands in the world:

1. Steinway and Sons.

This is a American product. Steinway is the largest leading brand in the world right now. It has Steinway, Boston, and Essex. Steinway is manufactured by Steinway (American), but the Boston (Japanese) and Essex (entry level; Chinese) are not; this is an important piece of information, I think! Always research the maker, not the brand name, “made by” name, or stencil name.

2. Bösendorfer , Austrian product. Their best products are the grand pianos.

3. Yamaha, Japanese product. Has well developed range of pianos.

4. Baldwin, American product. Known for its rich sound and dynamic range.

5. Mason and Hamlin, American product. Famous for their quality materials and craftsmanship.

Things changes all the time in the piano business, so do your due diligence before purchase to avoid buyer’s remorse or a poor choice.

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  1. I grow in a family where Steinway piano has become the trademark of good classical music. As our family symbol, a Steinway grand piano still lays in our grandmother’s house.

  2. I only know Mason and Hamlin, and Steinway brands. By the way, I have a Steinway old piano which I haven’t played for years now. I’d like to know how much it would cost me to retune it?

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