Top 5 concerns in choosing a car seat

As a General Motors‘ stuff in China, I’m often asked for vehicle related ideas. A couple days ago, one of my best friends asked me some suggestions on how to choose a good car seat for his nephew who is just a 2 years old baby. Even I don’t exactly responsible for interior during my work, I take his question to our seat engineer and vehicle safety engineer. From their sides, I think there are 5 key point in choosing a safety baby car seat.


Safety comes first for a baby car seat. Not like an adult, your kids face more danger in a moving machine. Safety belts can not suit your baby and airbag even be extremely dangerous when it come to a baby. So a car seat for baby is designed. When you are going to purchase one, it should be the safety comes first.  Do a safety research on each car seat you made as a choice.

Never not think about a used car seat just because it save money. This idea may turn to a huge loss after a crash.


Yeah, I know you want your baby has a comfort seat during the time on your trip to shopping mall. Otherwise, you will get a bad experience as your baby will weep all the way. There should be proper padding around the seat and additional head and neck support for infants.

Easy Installation

I have seen once a time in my company. There is a car seat supplier promote their new car seat. What a pity as there are few engineers know how to install their new proud product correctly on our vehicle. Even their instruction book can not help much.

But using your seat incorrectly endangers your child. Make sure you know how to work it. So just choose a simple car seat which is easy to install correctly. www.zhangpeng.info


If you buy an infant-only seat, you’ll have to buy a rear- or forward-facing seat later and it cause a further cost. The convertible car seats are versatile and last the longest. These car seats are will accommodate a growing baby from infancy through his or her early toddler years, but remember fitting a car seat depends on weight and height not age.


Price is always one of the concerns when we doing a purchasing research. But I lay it to the last thing come up in our mind. Do not concentrate on the cost. You should know a good car seat means a lot to your kids which can not evaluated by just money. Choosing a kind of car seat first and then compare price difference between various stores.

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