T-shirt Printing Techniques

You would rarely see people on road wearing t-shirts without a design. Not only among the youngsters, printed t-shirts have been a craze among people of various generation. It is a style statement speaking your mind and reflects your personality. There are a number of printing technologies, which are applied to create designs and pattern on the tees. Apart from the advance technological methods, there are some innovative and traditional methods that has been incorporated while printing t-shirts. Here are some of the most popular types of printing mechanism.

Screen Printing

This is the most popular method of printing and has been used widely for commercial purpose. The least amount tool has made it the most preferred choice and you can also create layers of design by using individual colors, without the chances of merging. The design is in form of a stencil, which is placed on the top of the woven mesh that act as a screen. Next, the blank t-shirt is placed below the screen, which is forced down with a roller on the top of the shirt. The ink gets pressed down on to the t-shirt creating the design. Screen printing is a technology that costs really less than other methods. However, you need to have the skill to achieve quality prints on the tees.

Heat Transfer Printing

This is yet another printing mechanism, where heat is applied to transfer a design on the t-shirt. Even if it is a complicated process, but the final output is clear and perfect. The design is placed on the shirt and heat is applied on it and the ink from the design get transferred onto the shirt. The heat even dries the ink and sticks perfectly on the tee. The tool used for transferring heat can be a heat press or even a clothes iron. Heat transfer printing is a slow process and used on cases where the volume of printing is medium.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is also referred as direct to garment printing. This is the latest technology, which has gradually been the widely accepted method by most of the t-shirt manufacturing company. As per this method is concerned, there are inkjet printers on which the t-shirts are placed. The design is laser-printed on it. The images are clear and you can create variety of designs. The cost of the printing totally depend on the DTG printer used. However, the cost is higher when compared to other method of t shirt printing.

T-shirt are also printed without using these three methodologies. There are hand printed tees or spray and airbrush printing methods. However, these are very different tees for its special artistic values. Tie and dye is another form of print usually applied on light colored t-shirts. Since the number of colors applied is more, this may cost you more than the normal printing price. No matter what form of printing methods are applied, you have to be careful while washing and ironing your t-shirt to maintain the longevity of the colors and designs.

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