Safety suggestions for limo drivers

Operating any type of vehicle for a living can be a risky occupation. Limousines tend to be longer and wider than average vehicles and there could be a big amount of driving hours at night time which often increase the probability of an accident. Care for your drivers by making sure you’ve got ample coverage on your limo insurance and educating them concerning how they can best prevent an accident on the job.

When driving a bigger vehicle it is important to understand that the handling may be different to a smaller or standard size vehicle. It is vital that drivers remember to:

  • Drive at a safe speed. Even though it is usually hard if passengers are in a hurry, it is better for them to be a handful of minutes behind than have an accident. Always allocate ample time for journeys and all for delays such as heavy traffic and unpredictable weather.
  • Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front. Although it is usually irritating to be jammed behind a slow moving car, remind drivers that tailgating is risky and could result in a nasty rear-end.
  • Stay calm. Engaging in aggressive driving conduct is not going to benefit your passengers or anyone else on the road. Other drivers might be provoking especially if they are acting belligerently towards you but it’s important that drivers stay professional and calm.

Keep your passengers and drivers safer and your limo insurance claims as low as possible by encouraging your drivers to take care on the roads. To find out how to save money on your insurance costs, make contact with an agent today.

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