Recent Virginia earthquake affected nuclear power plant

Fukushima nuclear power plant nuclear leak have raised a serious concerns all over the world. U.S. East Coast 5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred on Tuesday also affected 12 nuclear power plants. Quake raises safety concerns as one nuclear plant shut.

In Virginia, a leading nuclear power plant North Anna Station has shutdown two of its reactors, but the East Coast and other nuclear power plants are still running. This plant is established by Dominion Resources. A spokeswoman from Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the problem was caused by power loss. But the backup diesel generator is still running.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the shutdown is safe and will not pose any threat to the public. www.zhangpeng.info

There are also 9 other nuclear power plants between Virginia and New Jersey announced “unusual event”. But all these NRC’s emergency classification level are the lowest level. This 9 nuclear power station is still running at full capacity.

ESRI once drawn a map after Japan earthquake. Through this map, they pointed 5 nuclear power plants maybe affected by earthquake because they are build on a area where earthquake happens often. Americans can use this map to find the detailed position of these 5 nuclear power station. But the North Anna Station is not included.

Dominion spokesman Jim Norvelle said the plant was designed to withstand an earthquake of up to 6.2 in magnitude. But some experts expressed concern about the narrow margin between the design metrics and the quake’s size.

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