Purchasing a Wooden Play Kitchen Set For Your Child

One of the most popular playthings a child can have is a miniature play kitchen. Practical living skills are imitated in kitchens, and children can learn the basic terminology of food preparation, measuring and pouring, and step by step processing skill. Choosing one large toy or several individual pieces will be dictated by space limitations, but either one will provide hours of entertainment and play for a range of ages.

There are many types of play kitchen sets. Some are plastic and may last a couple of years but if you want a good, durable kitchen set a wooden kitchen set will be the best investment for your dollar. Overall, what I’ve found is that VERY few companies make actual, full on wood play kitchens.

In today’s economy with many having to pinch the dollar, there are many aspects to look at. Do you want your dollar to purchase a plastic set that will last a short while or a unique wooden play kitchen set that will last for a long time?

There are many styles of wooden play kitchen sets. Some are natural colored and others are brightly colored. Many wooden play kitchen sets consist of a wooden toy cupboard, wooden toy stove, wooden toy refrigerator and even a wooden toy microwave. Some wooden play kitchen sets come already assembled although freight cost more. Other wooden play kitchen sets come unassembled and can become a family project putting it together or maybe a wonderful project for a parent or grandparent to put together and make it extra special knowing that it was “built” by that special someone.

As the mom of two boys who dearly love to cook, both in pretend and in real life, I know how great it is to have a space for kids to play. Their own little wooden kitchen set will thrill them and allow for plenty of imagination.

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