More Than Music: Five Things to Look for in a Music Festival

When searching for a good music festival, it is tempting to buy a ticket based on the performers alone. While the musical selection is definitely important, it is not the only thing that can impact your experience at a music festival.

1. Location. Before you attend any music festival, look at the nature of the venue. If it is indoors, how easy is it to go from one stage to the next? If it is outdoors, what type of seating is available? Look to see if there are hills or other natural factors that may make it hard to move from one area to the next. It may also be worth thinking about how natural factors will enhance the experience. Will there be shade? Are there good views of the beach or a river? The location will influence the quality of the experience.

2. Stages. A music festival is different from a concert because it offers a wider range of musical performances. In most cases, this means there is more than one stage available. Stages may vary in size, with larger venues for headlining acts and smaller stages for lesser known performers. With more stages, there are more listening options. However, more stages also means there is more ground to cover. It can also mean that it is necessary to pick and choose, which ensures that some performances will inevitably be missed.

3. Attendance policy. Since music festivals are longer events, a ticket will have different strings attached. In some cases, a ticket is a one-time pass. It may let you see just one concert, or it may not be valid again after leaving the premises. However, other types of tickets may afford guests the ability to come and go as they please. Whatever your personal preference is, it is important to note the entrance and exit policies in advance.

4. Food. If it’s a long festival, you’re going to get hungry and thirsty. Look carefully at what food options are available. In many cases, vendors will be set up on the festival grounds, making it easy to snag a bite to eat. However, the number of vendors will vary depending on the size of the festival. This may limit your choices. Because of this, it is also good to consider what the policy is regarding outside food and drink. Some festivals will allow people to bring their own food, but other festivals may have stricter policies against such things.

5. Other amenities. Any established festival will have other amenities on site. This could include restrooms, ATMs, parking, shuttle services and more. While these may seem like small factors, quality bathrooms and convenient parking can have a huge impact on the quality of the experience. An ATM can be the difference between a good meal and going hungry.

With this list, you can consider all the things needed for a fun day out and about before finalizing your plans.

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