iCloud Is Coming, Still Using Outdated Cell Phone?

June 7, 2011 WWDC was held at  San Francisco. Steve Jobs attended this meeting and given a great speech.  Apple released Mac OX Lion and iOS5 on this meeting. iCloud service is firstly displayed here.

Though there are many hearsay, the former expected iPhone5 product is not released.  However, researchers think iPhone5 will be released with the iOS5.

The cloudy service called ‘iCloud’ is a break out. Analysis thinks it will let apple take over more cloudy service market. Apple users can use iCloud to backup all their files for free. Apple offered a 5GB free file volume for each user. Users will be able to purchase more volume sooner. Apple build up a big Data Center in  North Carolina.

The powerful services and functions bring by Apple makes its phones perfect gadgets. The iCloud is no doubt another fascinate service.

There are reason to believe that iPhone will gain more users because there will be no worry about losing any important data you Apple gadgets. I’m also a iPhone fan though I don’t have any apple products now. But I think it’s time to sell phone, I’m using now, the time I get enough money for a new iPhone.  Compared with iPhone, the BlackBerry is so weak.

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