How to manage truck scale to extent its life

Since the electric truck scales replaced most mechanical, we get more accurate weight information. This makes it effectively for manufactures to control material cost. However, the electric truck scale is, on some degree, weaker than mechanical scales. We should take properly management for the electric truck scale.

Below are the tips for manage Truck scales:

1. Don’t overload. Overload will cause irreparable damage to electric components. This will result in imprecise scale.

2. Do not operate welding machine on the scale. The scale should never be used as a ground for the welding machine. If so, the load cells may be damaged by big current.

3.  Avoid to leave heave truck or goods on the scale for long time.

4.  Check connecting wires regularly. Make sure wires are not cracked or loosed.

5. Make sure the truck speed not exceed 5Km/h. Forbid hard brake on the scale.

6. Keep the scale clean. Make sure no debris block the scale. Debris in bearing will cause mechanical damage too.

7. Add lubricant oil to bearing parts every half year to make sure the mechanical parts move smoothly.

8. Avoid crashing the truck scale. Thought there are stop blocks, overload crashing will affect sealed load cells before the stop blocks make effort.

9. Do not splash water, acid containing liquid or caustic liquid to the truck scale. It will not only affects the electric component but also affect mechanical component. If you can not avoid these liquid from the environment, you should think about purchase a scale which can bear these liquids.

10. Check the scale once a year. Make sure the result is still accurate. The ageing of electric components may affect the result.

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