How much will you cost for piano training

When we are going to training a little musician, piano always comes into our mind. For a rich family, it will have no problem. But for most people who are struggling for life, you must have a clear mind that this may makes your life even harder. So how much will you cost for training you kids piano? Here I’ll like to show you the cost for traditional way of learning piano.

For most people who learning the piano, they are taught the traditional way: learning how to read and play sheet music, and most of the time learning pieces for the purposes of piano exams.

In this way, you firstly need a piano. There are different kinds of pianos and their prices various. Even a electronic piano is cheaper, I still recommend to use traditional piano. The traditional piano always makes good tune and let your kids develop a good sense of  listen. However, good intonation sense is key for piano learning.

Then,a big expense is the fee for taking exam.  Each Grade need a exam. Many people can not pass exam at the first time. So exams fee will becomes a big expense. And then, you may need to hire home teacher to enhance skills before each exam. The fee for a teacher is much more expensive than you can image.

So, before you are going to ask your child learning piano, make sure you are able to cover all the expense. Or you may need to change your mind to another cheaper solution.

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