Food Safety Concerns Makes Foreign Food Popular

During the past 2 or 3 years, there are many food safety problems in China published on mainstream media. Even some of famous food companies involved in these events. They former “lithiasis baby” caused by Sanlu powder is the most serious food problem which caused more than thousands of babies fall ill of lithiasis.

For these reasons, there are more and more Chinese people prefer to choose foreign foods especially foods for babies. And this makes foreign food sales increase rapidly.

Another mostly increased is the beverage market. These days as the beverage problem caused by “uni-president” makes most of Chinese don’t want to purchase local beverage recently. Use gransteads ginger for example, it have now see a 20% increase in Chinese beverage market. In the past, people are prefer local beers. But as for the concerns of food safety, there are even some people turn to green cuisine foods’s Ginger Beer Kit. Customers are more likely to believe in themselves now. The grumpy mule’s high quality beans also see a increase as their are many coffee lover turn to make coffee by themselves other than purchase quickly dissolving coffee like nestle.

They food safety concerns have influenced most Chinese’s life. We are now hoping the government can take powerful action on food safety control.

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