Cleaning clogged pipe with Clog Popper

These days, when the summer is coming, HVAC system on our car becomes more important. However, many warranty issue reported to me as I’m the Quality responsible engineer for compressor. Some customers complain about AC can not work on their car. So how this happen?

We then go to the dealer and find some of these complaint was caused by clogged pipe. After a winter without running the HVAC system, some condensate drains blocked the AC pipe. Yet, there we find a new piece of equipment generally known as the Clog Popper to clean clogged air conditioner and also refrigeration condensate drain pipes. Find details at Clog Popper Home Page.

It is easy to use and not expensive. With a hand-operated tool, you can easily produces a vacuum clean in the front of the clog and pushes the clog out of the clog. The clog popper includes plugs, fitting, and adapters that enable the Clog Popper to work with almost all settings and also sizes of condensate drain pipes. To use, gently insert into an outlet then pull hard, the harder the pull the greater the suction.

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