Start to launch my own business online

I have planned many times to bring out my idea and launch my own business online. But, unfortunately, I never act as what I planned. So, until today, I have never run my own business.

But today, I determined to carry out my idea and make it come true.

I carry much burden as I come to Shanghai, one of the most biggest and bustling city in China. It’s hard to catch up with the pace of this city especially on fields like real estate. So I should try my best to live better in this city.

I asked me ‘How’ many times. And I just reach this idea: a second career is a must. Just earn your salary can hardly afford a house. Many youths get most of their down payment from their family. But I can’t find any relief from my family.

I will try my best to run my business successfully. Even if I get failed, I will never regret as I have attempted. Wish I have a bright future on my way of running a e-business.

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